Outer Corio - 03.11.19

Big Red's, Pinkies, Pagrus auratus, Melbourne Snapper, the Crimson Tide
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Outer Corio - 03.11.19

Post by Redhunter » Sun Nov 03, 2019 1:37 pm

G'day folks!
It seems like it was a tough morning all round from what I experienced and heard. I punched 3-4km out in my 3.8m tinny to a mark in 9m. Backed off the throttle and travelled another 50m and the sounder lit up showing all sorts of cool and exciting stuff. I dropped the pick at 1st light 60-70m max from my mark, and thought "we're on here". Threw a load of cubes overboard, along with a good spread of pillies and squid heads. Sat it out until 45 mins after the high peaked, but the red buggers just weren't feeding this morn. Pulled a metre gumbo within the first hr which ended up in the esky, along with 4 or 5x 2ft schoolies (undersized), 2x banjos, and 4x eagle rays. Strangely, even the frogs weren't biting. Pulled only the 2x frogs @ 45-50cms, so their fillets went out on 6/0's on the change in the hope to tempt a hit. It was all in gest though. All action for the day was on the squid heads. Sweet f/a on the pillies. Smashed a block of pillies between baits and burley, and usually they perform the best, but the squid heads were a massive standout today. Decided to have a quick sesh on the squid on the way in to stock up for next trip's baits, but they didn't want to play ball either and I could only catch the one. A very enjoyable morning on the water, but the fish just weren't in a feeding mood. The results from others back at the ramp were very similar.
I s'pose they'll be "on" again tomorrow when I'm back at work. That's fishin!

I don't think the barometer was our friend today, and I also much prefer an out-going tide as opposed to an incoming tide. Was bloody great fun to be out there in any case :sr: :sr:
Hope you folks had better luck than me today :tu:
Cheers :ch:

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Re: Outer Corio - 03.11.19

Post by 4liters » Sun Nov 03, 2019 2:11 pm

I got a few whiting and a couple of squid around the corner at St Leonards, the squid in particular were very tentative, mostly hooked right on the tip of the candles and there were a number that grabbed the jig and let go again.
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