2023 Snapper Season

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Re: 2023 Snapper Season

Post by purple5ive » Wed Nov 29, 2023 5:23 pm

maxmikoo wrote:
Thu Nov 23, 2023 8:27 am
Mattblack wrote:
Mon Nov 20, 2023 8:04 am
Finally opened an account on the weekend (50cm/60cm). Both fish taken off Black Rock yesterday in 18mt @ 10am on pilchards. Lots of arches around (all depths)....bay seems pretty good this year.
Beautiful fish. Nice to leave room for upsizing later aswell.

I'm not sure if it's coincidence but my first trip out with the new sounder was easily my best ever. Finally managed a good 11 fish. Even tho the biggest was only around 45cm they were all a good average and we managed to land about 11 so i'm over the moon. Was a very lumpy southerly in the 4.75 but the tide and sunrise lined up perfectly and was flowing in the same direction as the wind. I also noticed that the barometer was at about 1024 and a steep jump in water temp around 18.5 according to my sounder. Not sure what had the effect between that and the sounder but i'm finally satisfied. Now just for sone larger fish.
Good job.
Once the first few are in the confidence gets better and better. And like bowl has just said they are generally in the same areas every year so use your gps and mark the spots you get fish so you can go back there next trips and then again next year and sound to see if they are there or not. Keep moving from. One maRk to the other until you find fish...Eventually you will have enough marks thT produce to sound one after the other rather than randomly wandering the bay. sounding. All these come with time.. nothing happens overnight... good to see your doing the hard yards and finally getting results...

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Re: 2023 Snapper Season

Post by maxmikoo » Sun Dec 17, 2023 11:28 pm

I'm back again. Started off with a ridiculous amount of time on the water while i had the chance with no big one to speak of. I've missed out on fishing for abt 3 or 4 weeks (prime time i know 🤦‍♂️) but i should be able to get out again soon. Is it too late in the season or are they still being caught? I've heard as the water cools down again you get another less prominent "season" but i just can't wait until then and need to know if it's worth me going out for snapper in ppb.

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Re: 2023 Snapper Season

Post by eddyt » Mon Dec 18, 2023 8:45 pm

Still there at ppb. Bagged out today on pinkies in 12m, all within 1 hour before high tide. Nothing too big, a few 40+ most mid 30s and they were hitting hard

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