Landbased Snapper + weather report.

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Landbased Snapper + weather report.

Post by eTwee » Thu Nov 19, 2020 2:06 pm

As always, thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with and helping a fisho out. Took out two mates who were yet to get onto their first quality snapper last night to some rocks near Sandringham. We fished the rising tide from 11pm-2:30am. All day westerly, New moon and rising barometer really helped us out.
Bryan Khoo, who fishes once a year and lands a pb everytime, got this 58cm bad boy right on the high tide on whiting. Myself and Akshay Vincent also got onto some good pinkies that night but dropped a few.
Mission status: SUCCESS!

Hope this is helpful to someone out there!

-Adrian from Hungry Hungry Fishos

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