Top water lure bibs - where to buy

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Re: Top water lure bibs - where to buy

Post by Truedogz » Wed May 08, 2019 8:14 am

happyfriggincamper wrote:
Mon May 06, 2019 5:45 pm

Any idea why the majority of designers go for the sharply angled bib vs. a walker face for this style topwater lure? No doubt its tried and tested, but would a walker face do anything overly crazy or detrimental to the action of 4 jointed parts totalling 20cm ish behind it?
HFC as the others have said to some degree the different shaped bibs influence the action of the surface lures. Paddlers have the wide horizontal bibs inducing a waddle while the wake baits have a vertical bib which stabilizes the head and induces a tail wobble. The wake baits are a quieter, more subtle lure - well thats the theory.

In practice it is more complex. With paddlers the size and shape of the bib influences whether the chattering sound is fast or slow. I'd suggest you get hold of a 120mm king hit paddler and a 120 mm koolabung cod cracker and cast them side by side. One is a fast chatter, the other slow.

Another factor is the size (and weight) of the lure relative to the bib. There are big snake like lures with paddler bibs which are intermediate in action having a subtle paddle combined with a twisting snake action. The king hit 200 mm paddler and the koolabung wake snake are good examples.

Materials are another factor not just for action but ease of use. Try chucking big heavy lures with wooden bodies and metal bibs all night!! It is hard on the tackle and your body. For that reason I prefer the plastic lures and bibs.

From my perspective I use the 120 mm paddlers in very fast water, the 200+ paddlers in intermediate conditions and occasionally use the wake baits. I mainly fish rivers but plan to fish lakes such as Eildon and Nagambie more next season. In these waters I will use wakebaits more.

For more info on design google musky surface lure construction or design and you will come across boards and clips where you might pick up a few tips.

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