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Post by Brownie » Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:54 pm

Never thought about the Penn.
As to the single drag washer. I tried everything before replacing it with the Tica one which works good. I believe that actual drag system in the Sedona is flawed. What it is, is a large felt washer that instead of having a small hole where it goes over the shaft and sits there that way, it has a large hole and is not held in place the traditional way. Its held in place by being as wide around as the inside of the actual spool. So all of its outer circumference touches the spools drag areas wall. Just 1 washer presses down on it. I think though when the drag starts working this crap washer just cant do its job properly and slips and grabs, slips and grabs. It's appalling really. The Tica washer is a hardish fibre, not a carbon fibre, and sits in place like a traditional drag washer does. Its way better than the original. I pressed all the grease out of the original then redid it with a teflon one but it made no difference. I've used this same grease on other washers and its proven itself well. So the only conclusion is that Shimano washer is total garbage. I even slightly trimmed the outer edges of it in case it was grabbing and letting go of the spools drag wall area. No difference, its just a total piece of rubbish. If you have seen a post I did of a trout I got last month you'll see a little Shimano Exage there. Its washers were junk too, really jerky. I replaced those too, with some washers from an old Mitchel rear drag I kept parts from. That little Exage's drag now is butter smooth and also has the teflon grease on it.

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