Sunday Olivershill launch 3/11/19

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Sunday Olivershill launch 3/11/19

Post by cheaterparts » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:40 am

Leejo - Mal and myself slipped under the radar and snuck into the -gaybay - launching from Olivershill in Frankganastan around 6 am

the plan was to pouch a red fish or two out off Davies point in about 15 meters only a short paddle from there + we have caught fish here before at this time of the year
however the plan went to sh!t when the snaps were on strike or off at the extinction rebellion rally although they are probably smarter than that

anyway I got a few keeper Fatties - Mal as he does got a couple of Port Jackson sharks he also hooked leejo by the rudder while trolling out but leejo got away when the line snapped - leejo caught leejo when lifting the anchor by hooking the anchor rope on the treble of Mals lure that was snapped off - I both got the rope free and returned Mals lure

can't say it's boring fishing with these two

anyway with a few flatties and later in the morning we all heading in closer to play with plastics or squid jigglers - I picked up a monster @ 32 cm ( or it seamed that way after hooking so many micro pink fish ) that was on a 3" Squidgie paddle tail in whitebait - pinkies and Flatties were taking or biting that near on every drop -- I had noticed the flatties were spitting up what looked like white bait and there was a lot on the water out at 15 meters

so there are still just as many big snapper in PPB as when we got there as we made no dent on the population but I got a feed of 6 flatties in the mid 30s and 1 - 32 cm pinky so it wasn't a total loss

back to the muddy pond on Tuesday - hopefully for better results
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Re: Sunday Olivershill launch 3/11/19

Post by Bugatti » Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:05 am

Cheater sounds like a great day out, has that Three Musketeers feel about it, with a touch of The Three Stooges :-D

All those little stories within a story makes the day :tu:

On why the Snapper were quite for everyone this Weekend. I think it was more a sign of solidarity by Victorian Snapper for the 3 year ban of fishing for Snapper here in SA. Which started Friday morning, just when all the Donut reports started :-D

Great report, enjoy the Flatties fillets and the planning for the next trip :tu:

Cheers, Bugatti

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Re: Sunday Olivershill launch 3/11/19

Post by Lightningx » Mon Nov 04, 2019 11:47 am

No luck with the big red fish but still a nice feed of flatties isn’t a bad day mate!
Cheers :tu:

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