Winter King

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Winter King

Post by DougieK » Tue Jun 04, 2024 6:36 pm

Headed to my usual spot this afternoon with designs on targeting some bigger winter kings. It's been about a month since I really got out due to weather / conditions / life etc over the last little bit. The water here has been filthy because it's rained an enormous amount, but it's just starting to clear up. Picked up some yakkas at the usual spot and pitched one out the front.

Insta smoked and snipped on the rocks at my feet.


At first I thought I'd been snipped by something toothy but a quick appraisal of the 30cm of my 5m leader that was left showed it scuffed up.

New FG, New float, new hook, new yakka, 20 minutes later I finally get a bait back into the water. The yakka lands and 3..2..1.. float instantly vanishes and it's on like donkey kong. I instantly knew this was a good fish, a back and forth battle with as much drag as I dared apply on my PE8 assassin saw me get wrapped up on the rocks and krispey kremed a 2nd time after about 5 minutes.


A heavy crosswind made retying the FG a pain in the ass for the second time in a row. Put on significantly more leader this time and chose a slightly larger hook.

New FG. New float. New Yakka.

After bringing in a couple of salmon that were barely bigger than yakks they were eating, I was contemplating sticking one of those out under a float but thought my hook might be too small so I persisted.

Hand full of berley, rip the bait jig through it, pull in a yakks, rig it on the heavy rod, fire it back off the front. The whole process is down to about 3 minutes.

The float instantly disappears and it's on again. This time i've got the drag all but locked, and after a 20 minute battle that involved me getting wet from the hips down again, in comes this ripper.



91cm and 8.7kg places this at my second best solo kingfish capture off the rocks. Pretty happy with this effort.

I think I'll head back on Thursday evening with a setup big enough to balloon a little salmon and see if we can crack 10kg.
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Re: Winter King

Post by Raulfc7 » Wed Jun 05, 2024 2:54 pm

Cracking fish DougieK 👍
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