New native water day trip

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New native water day trip

Post by happyfriggincamper » Mon Mar 15, 2021 7:49 pm

Sunday Sebb and I headed out for a Native session, this time venturing to explore new water. The day went something like this:

I got up to the general area first and with some points of interest in mind, I started to explore what the water and access looked like in person. After a couple of moves I found an acceptable looking stretch and still had an hour before Sebb was due so put in some casting for no interest.


2hrs after I first arrived, Sebb had met me at the spot I was exploring, we had a chat and made the decision to try our luck and find some better looking water in the system. The next 2-3hrs was spent driving to each point of interest, getting out for a first impression of the water, bush bashing a few hundred meters for more scope then deciding that the water didn't look ideal and to hedge our bets on moving further into the system hoping for something better looking.

Generally speaking the majority of the river was skinny, shallow, steep banked, overgrown with submerged weed and bankside vegetation. Getting to the point of about half-way through our days fishing and not having cast a lure together yet, we decided to cut our losses and have a crack at the spot we had ended up at after all the exploring.

Feeling quite unconfident we started casting and within the first 10m I had landed a nicely conditioned yellowbelly on a size 2 mustard coloured stump jumper. Reckon he came from 1m or water amongst a bunch of weed I kept fouling up on.
Point Blur_Mar152021_203702_compress28.jpg

Pretty surprised and stoked, we pressed on. A few spots up, Sebb was perched up 1m+ above the water casting a skinny stretch, put his size 2 fluro green & gold stumpy in an unassuming spot up against some reeds and over grown grass to almost get a surface hit on a cod. As soon as it landed he spotted it come out from its spot and by the first crank of the reel the cod had already taken it. With a bit of help balancing with each other we landed it, got some pics, a measure (44.5cm) and released it.

Not to far on from here where we were hoping for better water, we found it but it was overgrown with submerged weed making casting and retrieving lures impossible. We decided to go back to another spot to try for some surface bites, spotted a few small cod boofing but couldn't get a take. So we pulled the plug, walked back through the bush in the dark and had the long drive home.

Good day overall, lucky to get the fish we got. Don't know if we will be back to that system again.


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Re: New native water day trip

Post by Sebb » Mon Mar 15, 2021 8:35 pm

Was quite an experience. Can't remember when was the last time I looked and fished new water landbased like that.

Was expecting yellas and more yellas, yet I caught a cod. Only two fish we caught, certainly better than a donut.
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Re: New native water day trip

Post by westvic » Tue Mar 16, 2021 7:20 am

:gj: Great report and nice looking fish...well done on both

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Re: New native water day trip

Post by ben475 » Wed Mar 17, 2021 4:37 pm

well done. always good to explore new areas, never really wasted time even if you only come out knowing not to go back.
nice cod n yella.

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