Fishing hastings

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Fishing hastings

Post by e.welch » Sat Apr 03, 2021 6:39 am

Ive been really quiet recently not wanting to post because I didn’t feel like it but I decided today I would finally help and give some advice to others.
Hastings pier
Yesterday I caught two whiting one undersize all on squid you need to be fishing right when low tide changes that’s when the whiting come through if you aren’t getting anything move I also got three ljs which I gave to a nice lady that wasn’t having much luck it really made her day nothing stops you showing kindness to others it real makes their day all caught on squid the best rig I have found is a patternoster with one hook and once you weed through the toadies you will get a couple
A couple weeks ago I went and I also got a whiting then but in a different spot this is why you need to move and find the school again on a single hook patternoster rig with squid theirs also a lot of baby salmon at Hastings as well anyways that’s all I’ve got for you and Goodluck and have a great easter

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Re: Fishing hastings

Post by Sebb » Sat Apr 03, 2021 10:43 am

Thanks for the report.
And good on you for giving away that fish to the lady. Sometimes little things like that what makes a big difference.
A fish is a fish :ft:
No fish is worth a life, stay safe

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