Flinders Jetty 2/2 2020

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Flinders Jetty 2/2 2020

Post by Aimless » Mon Feb 03, 2020 9:05 am

Just a quick one. Popped down to Mornington yesterday for a quick fish in the afternoon. Meant to get there in the morning but I was wrangling a few friends too and we were all disorganised.

Fished for a couple of hours for squid off Flinders Jetty. No sign of any fish. Our fault - middle of the day, between the tides, that's about as far away from the bite as possible. There was a guy fly fishing in the shallows which was interesting - not after anything in particular. He said a school of trevally scooted past but they didn't stay around for long.

Weather was better than I thought. Warmer, and the wind which was showing as 35km/h on my app was really just a light breeze.

Picked a couple of kilos of Blackberries nearby - they are just coming in to season now - and bought some vegetables from a farm gate, so I didnt' go home empty handed.

I think I'll try and do a camping trip to Pt Leo sometime soon and have another go from Flinders at sunset or sunrise.

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Re: Flinders Jetty 2/2 2020

Post by Lightningx » Mon Feb 03, 2020 9:44 am

Middle of the day I’ve never really had much luck as well lb fishing.
Enjoy the blackberries and the veggies!
Cheers :tu:

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