Ballnarring vs Gunnamatta gummy

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Ballnarring vs Gunnamatta gummy

Post by MelbFishHunter » Wed May 29, 2024 12:56 am

Hey all, been chasing gummies land based for a while now with not much luck, but obviously it’s a challenge and i’m gonna keep going. I’ve fished balnarring before because there’s not much wind there but there’s sometimes a lot of weed, and the water is shallower, i’ve had some good bites although not sure what they were, i’ve only caught a toadie. I’ve heard some things about the back beaches but havent seen many people at night fishing. My friend has come up with the idea to bring out his drone this weekend to send the bait out (200-250m) to try our luck. I was thinking saturday because there’s not much wind 10-13km (i’ve fished the back beaches for salmon with heavy winds and can assure i won’t be doing that anytime soon, just wanted to know some advice from people who have fished these beaches and recommendations, also the best baits as i’ve only used squid. Thanks all ! :wt:

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Re: Ballnarring vs Gunnamatta gummy

Post by Sebb » Wed May 29, 2024 9:29 am

I've fished for whiting in Balnarring, sunset until dark. Just cast to the sand holes amongst the weed.
Not for gummy.
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