Yarra recon and cod

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Re: Yarra recon and cod

Postby ChrisD » Thu Jan 03, 2019 8:05 am

happyfriggincamper wrote:
ThomoT wrote:Nice action and reports. Roughly where are you scouting? upstream of Fitzsimons lane?

I did a lot of walking over a pretty wide breadth of the extremities where i have heard cod reported, Heidelberg to yarra glen.

And the frustrating part is that that section - Heidelberg to Yarra glen- is probably between 40-50 kms of actual river, yet access and fishable access is only a few kms spaced out in little pockets here and there.
However it is the proverbial double edged sword - fishing is good due to the low access and not many people getting to some places - open the access up and the fishing will be impacted.........still it would be nice to have a little better access along the length of the Yarra

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