Barmah - Fishing Feb 19’

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Barmah - Fishing Feb 19’

Postby jakeoss123 » Sat Dec 29, 2018 9:39 am

Hey guys,

Not so much a fishing report but more so a question for the locals around the Barmah - Echuca area.

Heading up from Warrnambool in Feb next year and am thinking of settling along the river near Barmah for a few days fishing as I’ve never been along that part of the Murray, normally I go to Murrabit for a bit of fishing.

Just wondering if it’s a good time of year to fish in Feb? and what I might expect to catch? And if there are spots you could recommend for the first time?

Any feedback and advice would be greatly appreciated legends! Cheers. :a_goodjob:

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Re: Barmah - Fishing Feb 19’

Postby russellh2 » Sat Dec 29, 2018 2:25 pm

Google - "River access" or "Fishing reports Barmah - Echuca Area" - Good Luck!

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Re: Barmah - Fishing Feb 19’

Postby Fishomicko » Sat Dec 29, 2018 5:40 pm

You can buy murray river access maps if you get the one with the Barmah area it will have all the camp spots in it there pretty good maps, made by sv maps.

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Re: Barmah - Fishing Feb 19’

Postby April Fool » Sun Dec 30, 2018 12:56 pm

I am not local but I suggest you do as suggested by others...check maps for access. As for what fish, me thinks it would be the standard Murray Darling Basin species. Murray cod, yellowbelly, carp, Silver perch and Trout cod. The last two species are protected so make sure you know how to ID them if you are not experienced with them.

Expect the river to be high and flowing fast!!! Also, welcome to the site.

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