Goulburn / Rubicon Valley 17/11/18

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Goulburn / Rubicon Valley 17/11/18

Post by sirsquidalot » Sat Nov 17, 2018 7:40 pm

I had the day off so i decided to get back up the Goulburn with a firm plan. Th plan was to park at my usual spot and work my way down stream using my 6 weight with a sinking tip line and swing my way day with streamers and then work my way back up with the 6 weight with a heavy indicator rig and use my 3 wt glass rod for drys if i saw a good spot to throw dries.

Got to the river at 7am after busting my ass up from carlton. Got to the river and it was running so high. i couldn't belive how fast and high the river was running considering we haven't had any rain in ages, didn't even get a bite after 3 hours hours so i jumped back in the truck and headed up the rubicon. Climbed my way up a mountain stream and got to a spot up high after a whole lot of hiking where every pool had a trout that would rise for a dry thrown in the middle of the pool, ended up catching 2 rainbow and brown that had the most amazing red spots on it.

Good day all up, lost a couple attractors in the blackberries tho. didn't have the photographer with me so you'll have to settle for my shitty iPhone shots :rofl:

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Re: Goulburn / Rubicon Valley 17/11/18

Post by Lightningx » Sat Nov 17, 2018 10:29 pm

Nice report and pics :thumbsup:

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Re: Goulburn / Rubicon Valley 17/11/18

Post by meppstas » Sun Nov 18, 2018 8:07 am

Good to see you tough it out while chasing those trout, that is a beautifully coloured brown too.. :thumbsup:

May have been for the best that your partner stayed home as you may well have lost here in the blackberry bushes.. How bad are the blackberry bush in and around Victoria, reason I'm asking is that they're way out of control here in Tassie in quite a lot of areas along the rivers. Some areas I can't gain access to anymore because of them.. Have written letters & sent photos to the state government & local council.. Not one reply from either of them..

Blackberry bushes at Liena.  (Medium).JPG
This area was full of sword ferns & tree ferns.. now they're slowly being buried by the blackberry bushes..
This area was once full of ferns, Liena. (Medium).JPG
Another area that was once full of ferns
Just no end to them, Liena  (Medium).JPG
A small creek & ferns now smothered by blackberry bushes..
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Re: Goulburn / Rubicon Valley 17/11/18

Post by April Fool » Sun Nov 18, 2018 1:22 pm

Nice report! The water flow in the Goulburn which took you by surprise as 'we have had little rain'...is due to the fact that 'we have had little rain'! Irrigation demand is high so the water will be released from Eildon.

Adrian, are you aware of any measures elsewhere to control blackberries? From my small amount of experience with them (in orchard world), I think it is difficult to find any chemical that will kill them and not kill other beneficial plants. And so the problem just gets worse! It is ordinary that you have had no replies to your letters. Even if they are doing nothing you deserve a response. We certainly have problems with blackberries in our forests.

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