Snags on Friday..

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Re: Snags on Friday..

Post by Kimtown » Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:06 pm

colnick wrote:I'm starting to feel a bit of sympathy for Kimtown. He was probably a bit harsh in his original post but I think there were some valid thoughts behind the post.
Drought is a fundamental and predictable factor facing Australian farmers. There have been droughts as bad as this before - the federation drought and the fairly recent millennium drought spring to mind - and there will be again. Good farmers can, and do,factor these into their budgeting and farming practices. That doesn't mean they won't do it tough in hard times and I have no problem with buying a snag or donating a bale of hay to show my sympathy. What I do object to is the repeated spending of taxpayer funded subsidies to prop up farms which would be uneconomic without them.
I know it sounds heartless but I reckon an unviable farmer is no more or less entitled to government assistance than the bloke who made your car in Adelaide or the lady who stitched your undies at Bonds or the fellow who assembled your whitegoods in Sydney or the girl who canned your peaches in the Riverina. They are out of a job because their enterprise became uneconomic.
Agriculture won't fold in this country because of drought but some farmers might fall by the wayside.
Basically my views all along but I don't require any sympathy mate lol. I don't post my thoughts to collect internet points. The fact that these guys are so rattled by the opinion of a random bloke they have never met that they resort to name calling from the get-go is enough to put a smile on my face as it is.

Well said though

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Re: Snags on Friday..

Post by VooDoo » Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:13 pm

Kimtown wrote:
VooDoo wrote:
Kimtown wrote:
VooDoo wrote:To snag or not to snag - what a big dilemma it will be for me come this Friday!!!

Bunnings marketing department have done a wonderful job to get this question debated here vigorously - and of course, how many of us will just go there for a snag and perhaps a fag only? Majority will just can't resist the temptation to step inside that massive shed to get something else. But whatever their motives are, at least they are putting the issue out there for discussion and at least raise some much needed funds to help out the affect farmers who are doing it real tough. If you can't picture the real crisis then perhaps this article will help you understand it - ... t/10088628. Remember this is the WHOLE state of NSW (as well as other parts of QLD) that are being affected - hence the urgency of the government to act.

I will leave the debate about the importance of agriculture or other industries toward our nation to those whom posted before me but I will need to address one thing - whether you agree with the campaign ran by the Big Shed Bunnings or not, there was no need to go cast the wide net that all farmers are undeserving of our sympathy during this tough time. Not all farmers are hand me down generations as one put it and not all area in the countries are in severe drought conditions.

Totally agreed with many posters that it's such an "un-Australian" act. There was no need to put the boot into someone whom is already hurt and doing it tough. I will call it beyond "un-Australian" act but more akin to a coward act - even if these are just words.

After all that, think i feel like a snag on Friday - probably will make it 2 and will round it up with a note as well!! At least my tummy will be happy :super:
I like how you say you're not going to enter the debate, before mentioning you need to address 1 thing, then proceed to address multiple things AND give your opinion on the subject too...

Literally NO ONE made any mention that all farmers were undeserving of our sympathy... no one even mentioned any farmers were undeserving of our support.
Also "coward act"? Please............
I didn't realize this was the forum for all the nations social justice warriors
Firstly, thank you for your reply - this indicates you felt guilty and needed to respond to defend your position. Have to give credit where it is due - I did mentioned not to enter the debate but this is about the pros and cons of Australian industries. My post is about you putting the boot into the farmers and their families who are struggling with the drought. Given this is a fishing forum - Yipppee Yipppee Daaa, first hooked up for the day!!

Secondly, what qualification(s) or who are you to have the right to label others with low IQ than you? Perhaps you should have been the lead role in the movie "Dumb and Dumber" but I will let the forum members to decide on that one. "Dumb" because when you know the answer to your question and the expected consequences in your first post but still went ahead and pressed the "submit" button - this indicated either you have rocks in your head or you played the provocative games here. "Dumber" because after receiving the responds as expected you decided to defend it to the hill and using mistakes such as spelling mistakes just to shoot people down and support your argument. Will let the members here decide whom actually have the lower IQ.

Thirdly, you actions have shown to me the classic case of "mouth diarrhea". You spits the stools out of your mouth (keyboards in this case) before your brain works fast enough to catch up to process that it is wrong. Even worst, when your brain actually tells you that it is wrong, your mouth is so wide opened that you can't hold back but let it all out anyway. Have your parents ever told you to think before you speak? Do you realise that there would be plenty of farmers who can be doing it tough on this forums or there may be members with relatives and friends whom are doing it tough in the bush? Even after the sheet had hit the fans, instead of cleaning it up you decided to aggravate and spread the mess even further. Be a man and own up to your actions - will always respect a man whom admit his mistake. Obviously in your case, that respect has diminished at an exponential rate.

Now after all these efforts, i will upped the intake of snags tomorrow to 3 - the last one on behalf of the leading actor in "Dumb and Dumber 3"
Lol what the **** is this drivel...?

What mistake do I have to man up to? I've given my opinion on the subject. You don't have to like it or agree, but there's no need to carry on like a social justice warrior just because you're taking the high road on the subject. The hysteria in the media about farmers doing it tough is way overhyped.

I don't care if there is farmers on here or not lol thats hardly going to make me change my mind or my stance on the matter. Get over it.
barra mick wrote:That's true voodoo . There is actually quite a few farmers on here

They would off been very happy with 98 percent off the comments that supported them.

Cheers bm
Yay for the farmers.
Thanks again!! Hooked up number 2 for the day!!

Everyone (and you included) is entitled to one's opinion. However, how and where you expressed that opinion can have consequences and you have alluded to this in your first post as well. This is why I stated above that you have the social media symptoms of "mouth diarrhea" where the turds (your opinions) that come out of your mouth so loosely and fast that your brain doesn't even the time to process whether it is appropriate or not. Hence, i will repeat the question asked previously - Have your parents ever told you to think before you speak? If the answer is not, then obviously i can see where the problems stem from. If the answer is yes, then obviously someone has not heed the teaching of his elders.
Kimtown wrote: I don't care if there is farmers on here or not lol
Kimtown wrote: Yay for the farmers.
After putting the boots into the struggling farmers about them not deserving any community support or goodwill gestures, and expressing your view about not caring if there are farmers on this forum that may read this (with smirking LOL at the end for good measure) then you expressed your support for the farmers???? Plenty of words came to my mind now to describe who you are but will let the forum members make up their own mind.

Go and have a cold shower or take you boat out and wet a line!! Taking a quote from an old Jedi here: "I will never argue with an idiot. He might drag me down to his level then beat me with experience"

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Re: Snags on Friday..

Post by davek » Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:28 pm

10 pages, and the bickering hasn't slowed, that's enough on this subject, cheers davo.
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