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Ocean Grove / Barwon heads

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:03 am
by frankgrimes
Hi Guys,

Bit of a long first post haha - sorry!

Moved back to Geelong after living in QLD for the last 18 years (Goldie), and was pretty spoilt up there on the fishing front (And weather!)...Have a Polycraft 4.5 CC that I took out most mornings before work smashing the macs/hoo/crab-eaters/kingies/jewies/snaps, yeah I was spoilt.

Anyway, my boats been in storage and need to get it serviced (Anyone recommend a good marine mechanic? (Merc 60 4 banger)), so land-based until I get that sorted(No idea where ill launch yet haha...gotta read some of the reports on here).

Took the kids to play tennis on Sat. in Ocean Grove, went over that bridge (Sorry, dont know what its called...between barwon heads/ocean grove), and water looked half decent..looks like theres some deepish holes..the place hold jewies?(looks like it would...reckon some mullet on a neap on dusk would give me the answer lol). Kids were keen to have a fish(7 and 9 yr olds), grabbed some pippies and prawns and the old faithful gamma shiners (Those hooks are bloody sensational...dont think Ive ever not lip\corner mouth hooked with them), and not knowing the place just had a bit of a wander from the ocean side near the bridge....water looked really nice...good current lines, eddys and holes....reckon the place would hold some decent fish? The kids had fun, just pulling in baby salmon one after the other, but nothing of any size(should have bought the placcies...reckon they would work a treat there)...but I wouldnt mind giving the place a go when Im kid-free....Any tips would be greatly Worth trying for a jewie? best tides? bait? (livies? Mullet or choppers(You get them down here or just salmon? Salmon an option?)....Any other locations I should take a look at? Sorry for all the questions the itch to put a bend in the rod, ill put in the hours to work out a spot..just after a few pointers from the locals :)


Re: Ocean Grove / Barwon heads

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:38 pm
by smile0784
Well come back