Soft plastics: as many species as I can possibly catch

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Re: Soft plastics: as many species as I can possibly catch

Post by ChrisTaylor » Sun Jan 26, 2020 12:34 pm

I get small ones regularly at Frankston, and often at Mornington too. Early morning, at least, I'll usually pick them up under the mussel and charter boats. I find that pinkies respond well to vibrant plastics -- highlighter-type colours, if you will.

I also use Procure squid, although I've only just started with it ... so I can't really comment on its effectiveness. That being said, most of my fish are caught on plastics that are already scented -- e.g. the Keitech Easy Shiner paddle tails. The 2" variety, in natural colours, would be my go-to plastic, and accounts for most of the fish I've caught in the past few months. I'd love to steer you towards a bricks-and-mortar store -- Compleat Angler Dandenong -- but they don't seem to reliably stock them any more. I hope that changes, as I prefer face-to-face shopping (and I like their service), but I just restocked through

As an aside, I went down to Docklands in the afternoon yesterday. No luck. A couple of taps here or there, but I admit that I never, ever fish water quite so deep -- it's possible I was getting small hits on the way down (quite a journey for a gram, a gram and a half's worth of jighead) and not picking up on it. Nothing like some unfamiliar conditions to send you back to school.

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