Quantum smoke reels good,bad or otherwise

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Re: Quantum smoke reels good,bad or otherwise

Post by Nightwish » Wed Jun 27, 2018 6:48 pm

DougieK wrote:I've got a Cabo 40 which is heavy but really really nice reel to use.

Also a Speedfreak 30 on my squid rod. I woudl take a similar priced shimano any day of the week (ci4 strad) but this one came to me for a very good price.

There is nothing wrong with the speedfreak I just dont' have the same confidence in it. Although it comfortably handled a 1.5kg salmon off a beach in NSW recently, and it's lightweight is ideal for squidding and highspeed retrieve makes working metals really easy.
DougieK l would love to buy a stradic but at the moment they are all $200 + and the quantum at $80 is a much better price so l think l will buy one and see how it goes.
l look forward to giving a report on it in the future.
Thanks to everyone for their the feedback

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