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Re: Gunamatta tommorow

Postby brybry » Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:20 pm

CarlG wrote:Gave Gunners a quick walk up and down yesterday, no fish, but the tide was a bit low tbh, the better news is the beach is tremendous condition, a stack of contour and shape, even the first part near the second carpark is looking top banana. The pick would be the second last gutter before you reach the rocks, it is sucking in water both sides, on the side nearest the carpark, the wash is pumping water into it, on the other, the small linking gutter has pushed through again, letting water from the gutter adjacent to the rocks flood through, allied to the wash that seperates the two, it is like a river flowing out..
All in all, once the salmon turn up, the spinning guys are gonna have a field day.

That's great to hear Carl. Granted they were at the bottom of the tide, but on my last few trips there really struggled to find any stretches that looked like they might hold fish. Amazing how quickly a beach can totally change.

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