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denis barden
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Re: Boat Ramps

Post by denis barden » Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:13 pm

The Boat Ramps,Caravan Parks,Picnic Areas and Beach Access Areas from Pt Richards to St Leonards is owned by the State Government.About 17 klms of Beach Area
It is administrated by a Non Profit Organisation -Bellarine Bayside .
The $s come from Tourist Caravan Park People and some small grants from the State Government .
If you want the Ramp areas cleaned from Weed or Sand you ring up and A guy will come down with a tractor and clean it up.If lights arnt working ring up and It will get fixed.If the FREE BBQs arnt working ring up or if anything is not correct on the Ramp or Pier areas ring up and it will be fixed
These areas have nothing at all to do with any Councils
Im so lucky to live where I do

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Re: Boat Ramps

Post by Lightningx » Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:03 pm

Yep very lucky indeed!!!

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Re: Boat Ramps

Post by cobby » Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:46 pm

DougieK wrote:
cobby wrote:No you're 110% correct dougy. And that section of the legislation was not changed when revenue from boat and pwc licences was introduced. So either the government are sitting on the proverbial gold mine or they've done one hell of a dodgy. The red tape surrounding 'grants' for anything is ridiculous

So how does it work? Who collects the money? If it's the state gov does the council then have to apply for a grant to do work?

I don't hate the idea of this movement but as far as I can tell they are calling for a law that already exists.
Councils and/or foreshore committees (launching way is separate and goes to Parks Vic.) collect the launching fees under separate bylaws and use it for under the table brown paper bags to themselves for anyone knows (probaboy highly likely).

What the movement calls for is the rego and licence money actually start getting spent as it is legislated to be instead of continually being wasted on typical government department wastage and doing god knows what else. Not a new law or anything. Like Denis said, Limeburners and others around Geelong are free, it's $20 a day to launch at Altona after waiting 2 hours to do so at 3am with all money going to the council. NSW, Tasmania, Qld are all free to launch at except some within national parks and the facilities at some of them are better than Launching Way, Altona, Limeburners, Portland and Hastings combined. Rego fee is $87.40 a year in Victoria,
And NSW is $126 for a 6m boat ($66 for 3m+$10 per half metre over 3m in length). Qld is $215.15 for the same size boat. SA is $117 for boats 6-7m. Tasmania $107.90, they also do it pro rata depending on the month. NT don't even have regos on boats. To pay over $220 for rego and launching at 1, at best 5 ramps a year that have absolutely 2/5ths of fa spent on them is disproportionately unfair and ridiculous.

It's no different to having to pay $150 a year to park at your local Coles that is government owned on top of your shopping, have the Carpark end up with potholes, busted bollards, giant dips at it's intersections that have your car scraping the ground, line marking that only gets repainted after 3 years or so of being barely visible and get still get fined for parking on the grass because there's only 80 carparks to service 200 cars on a nice day...

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