Barramundi Finally in Hazelwood

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Re: Barramundi Finally in Hazelwood

Postby hornet » Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:33 pm

4liters wrote:
hornet wrote:The whole thing has been a debacle from what was a fantastic plan to start with, don't tell me someone.. anyone.. be it politicians or people in the know didn't have any idea the plant was going to shut down ? the plant owners would have made their intentions known to the Victorian government well before the due date, and it still went ahead, someone or some department is responsible, this stinks of a cover up, to bad they are getting away with it and not taken to task, all the money and planning down the drain, and someone knew. It's sickening just to think about it, and they had the audacity to fine some people and not others ? in any other circumstances when would you cop a fine there ? never that's when.. that's my say.

The power station was privately owned, the government wouldn't have had any idea until the announcement was made.

I don't believe that for a nanosecond, liters, there are checks and balances required by government, forward reporting is mandatory for future supply such as essential services being one, I'm not a conspiracy theorist but all this looks very dodgy to me considering the scope of whats happened.

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