Twelve years in a row..

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Re: Twelve years in a row..

Postby Kimtown » Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:23 am

meppstas wrote:
Kimtown wrote:Good work mate!

I almost never fresh water fish, havent in years and years, but heading up camping near aberfeldy/walhalla area this weekend. Any advice mate?
Spinners the go?

Thanks guys, Will see if the number 13 is lucky for me next trout season.. :-D

Kimtown, you can try spinners & hard body lures.. being in Tassie I don't know what the area is like where you're fishing.. cold water I'd be trying something on the shiny side to stimulate the fish.. I'm sure someone on the site here will put you on the right track.. :thumbsup:
1-Trebles a little worse for wear after the tussle with a large 2.45 kg brown..(Medium).JPG


Aglia- Tiger #2.jpg



Thanks mate

Got a few mapso spinners. Wish me luck!

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