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Re: Kingfish charter recommendation

Post by Nude up » Wed Jan 17, 2018 2:42 am

Redhunter wrote:
Nude up wrote:Personally no but every time I have been at the heads he is there and consistently puts his clients on to them never heard a bad word.
Gday mate! Have you had a crack yet this season? The rip went well on sunday, quiet yesdy, and bigger fish fired today from what I heard. Also heard a whisper of schooley bluefin coming in through the heads as far as st leonards (must have been onto a school of bait I'm guessing and lost their way, yet again,lol).
Big schools of kings out the front of the P/I too, but only hearing of spearos getting amongst them so far. Could be a water temp thing, and a matter of the swell co-operating in order to get in close to structure, not too sure. There's a report for ya...
Hi red hunter nil trips so far I had family here from the UK and now my boat has a trim switch issue waiting parts

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