Trout Opening/ Redfin off the top.

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Trout Opening/ Redfin off the top.

Postby Fisho11 » Wed Aug 29, 2018 12:51 pm

Gday all,
I'm looking at heading off somewhere for the weekend trout fishing for the opening, and Just wondering if any has any ideas that are within 3 odd hours of Ballarat, so Far I'm thinking some of the creeks running of Eildon, or around the Otways.
Also, I got stuck into getting Redfin off the surface before the cooler weather hit in and am keen to start that up again.
What are the wackiest topwater lures you've had success on? I hit up BCF yesterday for their sale and got my self a small 3d Rad and the small savage gear duck so that's my challenge for the year.

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