Cornacarpio's Cumulative Carp Culling Caper

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Re: Cornacarpio's Cumulative Carp Culling Caper

Postby Cornacarpio » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:06 pm

Got one carp and three 'micro's' today, for a lazy Sunday afternoon of fishing. Was getting enough bites to keep me interested for a couple of hours. Good way to spend the day.



2018/19 Season: 13 (1656)

Carp Facts
Carp are as least widely spread around the world as brown trout. I can think of countries without them, but there aren’t many. Because of their tendency to overbreed in warm, shallow, fertile waters, there are places on the planet where they’ve become a pest. Carp, therefore, as a family, are at very low risk. Wild carp and crucians, however, are a different matter altogether. These smaller, older, more vulnerable varieties have been edged out of much of their former territory.

From: 50 Fish To Catch Before You Die, John Bailey (2008), The Five Mile Press Pty Ltd, 1 Centre Rd Scoresby, Victoria, 3179, Australia, pp.100-101
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First two for the day

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