Queenscliff 5th feb

Portarlington, St Leonards, Queenscliff
Nude up
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Re: Queenscliff 5th feb

Post by Nude up » Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:47 pm

barra mick wrote:Ffs my invite must be in the mail.

Did you see me on the pier waving?

Sorry bm I must pay my phone bill I doubt you wanted a call at 630, soon mate soon

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Re: Queenscliff 5th feb

Post by rb85 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:40 am

Nude up wrote:Having just got my boat back on the water I was desperate for a fish so me and my son headed down to portarlington sun, my excuse I need to mow the lawns we planned to fish mon tue.
I woke at 6 went to wake my son he said he wasn’t feeling well so I did what all good fathers do I went fishing, I headed to queenscliff to troll a few lures. The shipping traffic was terrible every 20 mins the signs were good great marks on the sounder and birds busting up I was trolling an xrap 30 and a 20 I had a few hits then one stuck it was a bloody big salmon a few more hits the bang I am on again another salmon.
By know the number of boats had increased and it was difficult by myself luckily I have anautopilot which made things a little easier. The birds were busting up point Nepean side near Corsair rock just where the water changed from flat to 1.5 mt rollers I had to keep juggling the throttle at times I was going backwards.
Some one managed to run over one of my lures and I lost about 20 mt of braid I hope he checks his prop. I decided to give it away and drown some pilchards near swan bay.

I anchored up and got the burley going I picked up a few pinkies and some flathead and more banjos than a Kentucky bbq. Then a mate rang me for a chat as I was talking to him I get a run I keep talking all you could hear was screaming braid it wasn’t stopping I was giving a running commentary to my mate the ping no more line all I could hear was my mate laughing judging by the speed it took of it was an eagle ray.
Tomorrow I will give it a go off portarlington promised a few guys some flathead.
Good report Nude Up. How easy to use are the autopilots? Thinking of putting one in the boat in the near future would need to upgrade my gps to suit any insight would be appreciated. Cheers.

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