Queenscliff harbour squids

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Re: Queenscliff harbour squids

Post by Bugatti » Sun Feb 03, 2019 5:25 pm

Kenle wrote:
Bugatti wrote:
If I caught six squid, can I bring them round so you can turn them into , , , , well you know, into yum

Cheers, Bugatti
Yeah mate, they were bloody fantastic with a couple cold ones. I'll be more than happy to whip up some salt n pepper squid for ya too if you bring some around ;-)
Sounds like a great plan, I shall bring the six squid :water: (actually let's make it an even dozen, for a good pig-out session) and a couple of six packs of coldies :cheers: . And you can perform your cooking magic.

Now I just have to cross the border from SA to Vic and we are in business.

Cheers, Bugatti

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