Native Fish Aus...Shepparton talk!

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Native Fish Aus...Shepparton talk!

Postby April Fool » Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:55 pm

Hi all
When fishing last week with Dave I received a phone call from my sister regarding a post on the local council's facebook page. She thought I may be interested in an upcoming talk about native fish. Interesting thing was, despite the fact she does not fish, she said to me that I think they have a pic of a carp on the post! I checked it out later...she was right! I emailed the council group involved regarding another related question and asked them why the carp pic! The reply came back that maybe they did the post a bit hastily! They have since corrected it and here are the details along with the original post.
NFA evening.PNG

By the way, the talk is indoors so you don't have to be sunsmart! I was sent the following by the organiser about what to expect on the night.
"By “interactive”, we mean that the presenter intends to bring a number of different native fish with him for participants to view close up to get a betterunderstanding of them, which is a great way to keep younger children engaged.

A little more information on our presenter Tim for you:

Tim Curmi is a freshwater ecologist and currently is president of Native Fish Australia (Vic). After completing an Aquatic Science degree at Deakin Universityin the early 1990s, he went on to complete an Honours degree studying native fish ecology through La Trobe University. Since then he had worked for various organisations including La Trobe University Wodonga and the Environment Protection Authority where hecarried out river health assessments across Victoria. He is particularly interested in the ecology of and restoration of endangered native fish populations to their former levels, and in engaging and empowering the community in ways to protect and promotenative fish and preserve & improve river health."

What can I say...Bender will be there!
Team Bender
Wondering what sort of crowd this will pull!

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Re: Native Fish Aus...Shepparton talk!

Postby Fish-cador » Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:33 pm

Funny the topic was about native fish but the fish used in the advertisement was euro carp.

Oh i forgot, it was born here so it's true blue aussie.

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