A report about...nothing!

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Re: A report about...nothing!

Postby Texas » Mon Oct 08, 2018 6:31 pm

Great report & photos Jim
What are you using in the shrimp/yabby nets ??
Oldies used Lux soap (laundry one), something to do with animal fats
Cheers Gra

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Re: A report about...nothing!

Postby dazz999 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:24 pm

April Fool wrote:I went out Friday evening for a session. The plan was to get a yella on this!
Lure 60.jpg

This part of the plan did not suceed!!!! The lure chucking was also going to give me time to allow some shrimp or yabbies to accumulate in my bait trap. This was also a dismal failure! I am not sure what is happening this year but my bait collecting attempts have varied greatly wih most times being a dismall failure!!! I made the same mistake as the previous trip...went confident of getting bait and failed. The few small shrimp I did get on Friday were sent out to do their job but apart from a couple decent bites it was a failure.

There has been a noticable abundance of very small 'bites' of late...perhaps from small redfin. I generally don't bother downsizing to chase the little critters but if they continue, my curiousity may get the better of me!
Team Bender
Thinking about creating a fishing show about nothing!
nice report jim good looking lure i also sometimes catch zip on lures but when you do fool them it,s very rewarding

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April Fool
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Re: A report about...nothing!

Postby April Fool » Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:18 pm

The fishless trips don't worry me dazz! Often near the end of these sessions I am thinking ahead for my next foray! Gra, at the moment I use wet cat food in the shrimp nets with gum leaves or wattle leaves by mistake (done it once) as was pointed out to me the other day! Normally this works but has failed of late. When bait is plentiful, I use dry cat food. Next time I go out and have difficulties, if I get a carp it will find its way into the trap.

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