Goulburn Winter Boofs

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Re: Goulburn Winter Boofs

Post by Truedogz » Sat Jun 02, 2018 8:50 pm

I've been working ten hour days, usually six days a week so I haven't been able to wet a line. I've just got home from work tonight. Yesterday I had an early finish and I thought the conditions were perfect for winter cod fishing and came up trumps.
Texas wrote: For some reason I thought that with the colder water, they'd not be on the surface.
To some degree that's true, they are much easier to catch when the water is warmer. They will feed off the top in winter when the conditions are right and yesterday was perfect:

1. A frost in the morning;
2. No wind;
3. Barometer higher than 1030.

(next Tuesday looks to be another prime day)

Those conditions seem to trigger a winter bite, particularly for bigger cod. Unfortunately there aren't the numbers of metre cod in the Goulburn as in the Murray as they were decimated by fish kills about twenty years ago.
davek wrote:You're the master, I couldn't raise one from that snag
Nope, just there at the right time. The second cod came from that snag, the first from where you got monstered on bait a while back. PS 've got some of your cans of soft drink in my fridge too from the last trip.

If you have a lure in the water you are always a chance. The trick in winter is pick the right conditions and work likely spots heavily to get the cod interested. Also they feed better on top in the light rather than after sunset.

Unfortunately I am working every weekend into the foreseeable future but hope to get a few week days off from now on.

Best Wishes


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