Metre Boof from the Goulburn!!!

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Re: Metre Boof from the Goulburn!!!

Post by smile0784 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:41 am

Truedogz wrote:
Mjerksen wrote: Those big cod have an absolutely unreal surface take. I hooked an estimated 120cm+ cod in the Yarra a couple of years ago on a surface lure around midnight, and it scared the absolute bejeesus out of me. Unfortunately the hooks pulled as I got it into shallow water, but I'll never forget the size of that fish.
Thanks Mark and bad luck that you didn't get that fish in. I feel very privileged to have caught this fish. I have actually caught bigger cod with other methods but catching this one in daylight high up on the log where I could see the whole thing was amazing! I saw the mouth open, the huge boil, the tail thrashing - an indelible memory is a huge amount of foam on top of the water with the line peeling through it as the fish headed downwards. I was lucky I didn't lose it; once I got it back up I could see the single hook holding and played it VERY gently to the bank (while trying to figure out how to best get down off a log).

I was in Trelly's yesterday and a chap said it was only the second metre cod on the surface they had heard of coming out of the Goulburn. The fish are there, I just think that people aren't putting in the effort to get them. I've been getting enough cod off the top in daylight in a range of waters that I have removed nearly all of my sub-surface lures from my tackle box. I'd say getting cod off the top is about as hard as getting trout on dry flies = some days you will doughnut but most of the time under good conditions you will get one with effort.

I've had a few people question how certain I am that the fish was over a metre. I'll post this pic to clear this up. I have copied an image over the fish of the rod from a wrap down to a tear in the hand grip that is a metre to within a couple of mm, and drawn a line the same length perpendicular to the fish in red. That just reaches the top of the tail outlined in green. Added to that in yellow is the distance between two wraps that is nearly 40 mm. The extreme edge of the tail isn't clear in the pic but appears to be beyond that. There is no doubt it was over a metre, I'm safe in saying it was 103 cm and it probably was 105. I've gone out and bought a 120 cm brag mat for next time!
cut on but to top of wrap 100 cm comp.jpg
I couldn't get a 'selfie' with the fish as I was by myself and even if Davo had been with me I wouldn't have been keen on lifting it on a greasy river bank. My priority is always to get the fish back to the water asap. I've caught barra over a metre but rate this my greatest fishing experience for the sheer violence and thrill of the take. It wouldn't have detracted from the capture if the fish was less than a metre. This clip gives a very good indication of what this fish looked like:

As I have said with this method persistence is the key. Throw the rule book out, keep at it and you will be rewarded.

Best Wishes

Well awsome fish

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