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Re: Kilcunda tips

Post by barra mick » Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:47 pm

tommyfishunter wrote:
Dizzzayyy wrote:
tommyfishunter wrote:Best part about kilcunda if the salmon aren't biting you've always got the Powlett if the mouth is open it's a cracking bream and EP location
Thanks for the reply, are soft plastics the go at the mouth ? or a running sinker with pipi's ?
If you have a bait pump, there's plenty of bass yabbies which are the gun bait there. You'd probably be able to get them with a shovel if you don't have a pump.
Fish them lightly weighted on the incoming tide pretty much guaranteed to catch bream, there also plenty of micro salmon in the river.
Anywhere from the mouth to the bridge is good. Never tried soft plastics there, but can't see why they wouldnt work.
good advice....the bass yabbies are like gold.when I was working down that way I used bass yabbies as often as I could


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