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Re: Lakes snapper

Postby Hosery » Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:01 am

re-tyred wrote:
Hosery wrote:That's the go re-tyred! looked awful nice out there first thing this morning not so much when I had knocked off though. Interesting on the water temp. Couple of weeks ago sounder was reading 13.6 I was out fairly wide though. Can't remember what it said on the reef but I thought 12 degrees. Waiting for it to warm up a little to pull the snorkel on in the lake.

Check your sounder temp against the wave rider buoy next time you go past it.

That's a good idea. Will do. It's a brand new sounder so I'd like to think it was accurate. The 13.6 degrees was in 65 metres so out a little way and bom sst shows it's warmer out there.

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