Its raining Squid Again

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Re: Its raining Squid Again

Post by Thetunaslayer » Thu Aug 30, 2018 11:58 pm

rb85 wrote:
purple5ive wrote:
Thetunaslayer wrote:
smile0784 wrote:Nothing wrong with squid and whiting.
Can i ask how old you are?

Driving in calmish weather is easy.
Have to get use to handling it rough weather
Im 29 years old.bit late getting my licence i know.ive really started liking fishing since i went to bermi with my dad a few months ago and caughr my first tuna
Don't feel so bad. I. Only got my boating license at 35.
Wait till you start catching fish on lures and ultralight gear it's a whole different ball game
I thought I was late to the party :-D at 16.
Jokes aside doesn’t matter as long as you having fun. There’s nothing wrong with squid and ting.
Yes its been fun and easy.we have caught trout and a few weeks ago we caughr a good murray cod at lake eldion

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