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Re: CA sale

Postby rb85 » Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:27 am

smile0784 wrote:
rb85 wrote:So tempting to get a couple of Tiagras but then I need rods, line and a lesson in game fishing techniques.

Buy tiagras
Need the line.
Need wind on leaders
Need the rod.
Need the 15 + skirted lures ( minimum )
Need rapala lures (4 minimum )
Need gimble harness
Need live bait rigs
Need heavy duty fixed gaff
Need flying gaff
Need a go pro
Need 150kg scales

Need 2 more tiagra then a few things over again
Where does is end? Lol
Probably missed a few things

Thats the tough part with a lot of fishing the initial outlay can be expensive. The game fishing seems to be next level can budget it down by eliminating scales and a go pro. Then to go next level a quality side scan transducer/sounder and radar would be handy I imagine plus a quality set of binoculars for the crew to scan for activity.

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