Land based weights

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Re: Land based weights

Post by cameronpatrol » Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:27 am

Yes I think your right with the bags breaking into small pieces.
I think at this stage a brick and bio twine is the go.

Maybe down the track with some practice and experience
I might be able to run a sinker slider on the main line and sew up a bag that can be filled with sand that has some sort of flap with weak Valcro or a button so when pulling in the bait/shark/ rig it can dump all the sand out. And the bring the hole lot back into shore for the next re bait.
See how we go.
Some might be thinking I’m nuts lol
Being a scuba diver when younger and still a spearo I always see line tangled around crap or myself.
Being spooled is just part of it can’t change that.
Cheers cam

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Re: Land based weights

Post by smile0784 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:30 am

Just wondering if your paddling out the bait and then.dropping of the side of the yak.
Could you run 2 lines out from 2 rods and have 1 for fishing and 1 to bring in your sinker / brick in and have them attached together with a downrigger clip so when the fish takes the line with the hook it releases from the sinker line

Just a thought and then you can reel the sinker line in afterwards no leaving any line there when you leave.

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