DIVE BUDDY - Mornington Peninsula

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DIVE BUDDY - Mornington Peninsula

Postby LandBasedFisherDiver » Fri Oct 09, 2015 5:02 pm

DIVE BUDDY - Mornington Peninsula

Hey Everyone, :gone:

As I’m new here I’ll give an introduction. I do a bit of land based fishing in both saltwater and freshwater; it’s all fun to me. I also do a bit of shore freediving spearfishing in the shallows to max depth 5 metres.

Mornington Peninsula is my main hunting area. My favourite is rod fishing on the back/ocean side surf beaches or rocks. Mainly evenings, nights, very early mornings I go when most people are still sleeping. I like catching big Australian Salmon for the fight, and I hope to catch some small seven gill sharks this summer.

I’m in my 30’s and looking to meet others around my age who would like to go for a fish or dive some time.

As I’m rarely online just text my mobile phone a bit about yourself and I’ll call you back for a proper chat, hopefully we can meet up sometime and get some fish!

My YouTube Channel Search: LandBasedFisherDiver


Text: 0432 372 393

Cheers, :water:


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