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by Fishbref
Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:56 pm
Forum: Department of Primary Industries / Fisheries
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re-tyred wrote:If the argument is that the fish are over fished then it is time to reduce the bag limit from 10 to 5 and close the rivers during spawning. The recreational catch is much greater than the commercial catch of bream.

It is? Would'na thunk...
by Fishbref
Tue Oct 16, 2018 3:13 pm
Forum: New South Wales
Topic: Merimbula
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Re: Merimbula

I don't know about goat ramps, but there is a boat ramp on the lake just before the bridge, with access out to open water. For what it's worth, it can be a hairy experience getting out under the bridge on rising tide - been a passenger on a boat that got stuck and lost the windshield/canopy, almost ...
by Fishbref
Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:48 pm
Forum: Point Lonsdale to Lorne
Topic: surf fishing
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Re: surf fishing

90 mile and eastward; Corringle should be doing nice for gummies and salmon this time of year, before sunup...

Snapper - I have only ever caught them at Torquay surf, else Kingston SE.
by Fishbref
Sat Oct 06, 2018 10:48 pm
Forum: Off Topic Forum
Topic: 50 years ago this December .....
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Re: 50 years ago this December .....

And no mention of Stanley Kubrick...
by Fishbref
Wed Oct 03, 2018 1:04 pm
Forum: Geelong, The Great Ocean Road and the Bellarine Peninsula Fishing Reports
Topic: Fishing report
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Re: Fishing report

Texas wrote:People rave about kgw, are silver whiting that much different???
Cheers Gra

Nice eating fish, similar to sand whiting.
by Fishbref
Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:02 am
Forum: Fish ID
Topic: Male and Female?
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Re: Male and Female?

there really bad eating by the way I always said the same thing as i had tried them all different ways and found them to be soft and tasteless. an Asian guy steamed them up for me 1 night at a caravan park we were staying at with asian sauces and they were brilliant. Second this; it's a prized fish...
by Fishbref
Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:22 am
Forum: Off Topic Forum
Topic: Wedge-tailed eagle killing in Gippsland
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Wedge-tailed eagle killing in Gippsland

So, asshole kills 420 wedge tailed eagles and gets off on 14 days jail and $2500 fine, when the prescribed penalty is $8K for the first, and then $800 per "illegally" killed bird - htf is this reasonable? Am I missing something? Link:
by Fishbref
Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:19 am
Forum: Other Fishing Equipment
Topic: Looking for your opinions
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Re: Looting for your opinions

Go the Pies, Chuckyyyy!
by Fishbref
Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:56 pm
Forum: Fish ID
Topic: ID on something i caught last night
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Re: ID on something i caught last night

Great eating fish, especially a 40cm specimen...

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